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FME Campus FME Campus Streamlining Processes Towards High-Quality Cartography

Streamlining Processes Towards High-Quality Cartography

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Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Nick Burchell, Avenza
Hans van der Maarel, Red Geographics
Mark Ireland, Safe Software

Webinar Details

Cartography is both the science and the art of visually representing geographical data. It promotes a better understanding of our data, and ultimately, data-driven business decisions.

GIS tools produce excellent maps. But taking your cartography to the next level requires a vector graphics editor - even if it’s just for a few finishing touches - and that can be a tedious, manual effort. Using FME and Avenza as part of the process, you can eliminate the struggles of high-quality map creation. You’ll save many hours of work, leaving you more time for the fun, creative aspects of your cartography.

Join us and special guest speakers Hans van der Maarel from Red Geographics and Nick Burchell from Avenza to learn how FME shines as part of a high-end map production workflow. During the hour, we’ll walk you through:

  • An overview of MAPublisher’s extensive cartographic capabilities
  • An overview of FME and its basic cartographic capabilities, including the Illustrator format writer
  • How Avenza’s MAPublisher integrates FME with Adobe Illustrator directly
  • The power of automation to achieve faster map production

Don’t miss out on the chance to learn how you can make your maps with more precision, speed, and style than ever. See you there!