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FME Campus FME Campus Mastering MicroStation DGN: How to Integrate CAD and GIS

Mastering MicroStation DGN: How to Integrate CAD and GIS

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Wednesday, March 6, 2024
Evie Lapalme
Jovita Chan

Webinar Details

Dive deep into the world of CAD-GIS integration with our expert-led webinar. Discover how to seamlessly transfer data between Bentley MicroStation and leading GIS platforms, such as Esri ArcGIS. This session goes beyond mere CAD/GIS conversion, showcasing techniques to precisely transform MicroStation elements including cells, text, lines, and symbology. We’ll walk you through tags versus item types, and understanding how to leverage both. You’ll also learn how to reproject to any coordinate system. Finally, explore cutting-edge automated methods for managing database links, and delve into innovative strategies for enabling self-serve data collection and validation services.

Join us to overcome the common hurdles in CAD and GIS integration and enhance the efficiency of your workflows. This session is perfect for professionals, both new to FME and seasoned users, seeking to streamline their processes and leverage the full potential of their CAD and GIS systems.