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FME Campus FME Campus Managing Changing Data with FME

Managing Changing Data with FME

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Nampreet Singh
Trent Kading
Dale Lutz

Webinar Details

Change your data integration workflows for the better! By implementing the ChangeDetector transformer in FME, you can reduce manual effort and improve the value of your data.

Change detection addresses a common issue of exactly that – changing data. But it's not just about being notified of changes. Change detection methods in FME help you create the most efficient way to perform real-time updates to your data warehouse or to migrate your data.

While many tools can achieve this, many of them are so complex that you might have done it manually. Or they don't support spatial data. By choosing a tool like FME, you can ensure that you're using the easiest platform and that all your data types can benefit.

Join this webinar to learn how you can use FME to identify changes to your database, report changes, and apply changes. Demos will include:

  • Detecting changes in Excel data
  • Detecting changes in spatial data
  • How to use FME's ChangeDetector transformer
  • and more!

With FME, change is no longer something to fear. Because no matter what type of data you have, or at what stage it is in your workflow, FME makes working with change easy.