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FME Campus FME Campus Leveraging Data Integration for Strategic GIS Governance

Leveraging Data Integration for Strategic GIS Governance

Table of Contents
Wednesday, February 22, 2023
Lesley MacKenzie, Consortech
Dean Hintz, Safe Software

Webinar Details

Join us and our co-hosting Platinum partner Consortech for a comprehensive exploration of how FME can support data and GIS governance within your organization. We'll dive into the importance of having a solid governance framework in place to ensure the integrity, security, and accuracy of your data and GIS assets.

We'll take you through the six main domains of a GIS Governance Framework as defined by Matthew Lewin of Esri and demonstrate how the FME data integration platform can improve many. This will include topics such as data validation, data quality, and standards, and how together these can support enterprise-wide data integration and automation. Real-world examples and demos will be provided to show you how you can implement FME to promote effective data governance, and best practices for integrating FME into your organization's governance framework will be discussed. We will wrap up by taking a look at what’s on the horizon for data governance and how these approaches can help lay the groundwork to support better analytics and use of AI.

This webinar is suitable for professionals in the fields of GIS, data management, and governance, and all levels of FME users & learners will benefit from this interactive and informative session.

Attend and gain a better understanding of how you can use FME to support data and GIS governance, as well as practical tips and techniques for implementing FME within your own organization.