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FME Campus FME Campus Initiating and Advancing Your Strategic GIS Governance Strategy

Initiating and Advancing Your Strategic GIS Governance Strategy

Table of Contents
Wednesday, December 6, 2023
Jelle De Zwaef, Nordend
Francis Vanden Bulcke, District09
Théo Drogo, Consortech
Lesley MacKenzie, Consortech
Don Murray, Safe Software

Webinar Details

Join us as we delve into the benefits of developing a Governance strategy for your organization. Learn the requisite knowledge and tools for efficient deployment and management of FME Governance within your own organization. This webinar will feature two guest speaker segments:

Segment 1, by Jelle De Zwaef from Nordend & Francis Vanden Bulcke from District09, unravels the Governance journey at the Municipality of Ghent. As FME Flow becomes a cornerstone for business-critical processes in Ghent, discover how a well-orchestrated governance strategy, employing Named Connections, Python Scripts, and user access control among other elements, has facilitated the transition of processes to a production environment. This also strategy ensures swift and accurate deployment of alterations in the FME process.

In Segment 2, Théo Drogo & Lesley MacKenzie from Consortech, demonstrate a kickstart into FME Governance with a straightforward self-assessment approach. This segment unveils a proven methodology, cultivated over 20 years, to perform a quick yet thorough assessment of your current FME infrastructure. The discussion, grounded on three foundational pillars—technology, people, and practices, will provide a robust checklist to guide your governance strategy. This method aims to ensure an optimal, secure, and cost-effective FME integration into your IT and business dynamics.

Attend and gain a better understanding of how you can use FME to support data and GIS governance, as well as practical tips and techniques for implementing FME within your own organization.