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FME Campus FME Campus How to Begin Making “Data-Driven Decisions” Using Data Integration

How to Begin Making “Data-Driven Decisions” Using Data Integration

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Thursday, January 23, 2020
Amanda Schrack
Tiana Warner

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If you’re in the corporate world, chances are you’ve heard this phrase in the last year: “we need to make data-driven decisions.” It’s a simple phrase but often complicated to implement as it involves identifying KPIs, collecting the measurable data, analyzing the data for facts, and turning the insights into actions that will grow your business.

So how exactly do you start the process of “data-driven decisions” when there is data everywhere – data of all different kinds and in all different locations? The task can sound downright daunting or even impossible.

Our ability to freely share and use data is too often plagued with interoperability challenges. Data integration is the key to alleviating this problem. Put simply, data integration helps different systems and formats work together. The ultimate goal is to generate valuable and usable information to help solve problems and gain new insights, a.k.a. data-driven decisions!

In this webinar, learn how data integration can be used in any and all industries. And see how the workflows increase communication between departments, provide better customer service, streamline operations, improve decision making, and overall increase productivity.