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FME Campus FME Campus Charting New Waters: Data Integration Excellence for Port & Marine Operations

Charting New Waters: Data Integration Excellence for Port & Marine Operations

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Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Chad Kimble, T. Baker Smith
Jean-Paul Stafford, T. Baker Smith
Don Murray, Safe Software

Webinar Details

Join us alongside Service Partners T Baker Smith in an enlightening webinar that explores the transformative capabilities of combining iBlueHarbor and FME in ports and marine operations. This session will delve into how these technologies synergize to support data-driven decisions, offering a scalable and straightforward approach to marine planning, maintenance, and operations.

Discover how the integration of iBlueHarbor's analytical capabilities with data transformation in FME facilitates a seamless flow of information. This powerful combination not only accelerates decision-making, but also enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of port and marine operations. Our speakers will showcase a comprehensive solution that provides a holistic view of marine operations survey data, enabling users to make swift, informed decisions.

Learn how leveraging these technologies can be an indispensable tool in enhancing marine safety, optimizing operations, and ensuring the success of your maritime ventures. Whether you're involved in marine planning, maintenance, or operations – this webinar will provide valuable insights and practical solutions to elevate your strategies in this dynamic industry. Register now and reach the full potential of your port and marine operations with the innovative blend of FME and iBlueHarbor.