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FME Campus FME Campus Achieve Your State Missions with Better Data

Achieve Your State Missions with Better Data

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Tuesday, April 27, 2021
Vivian Tang
Christian Berger

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State and provincial governments are working with more data than ever. With emerging technologies and accelerating changes, adopting an innovative mindset and a data culture has become imperative. Government organizations are implementing enterprise integration strategies to improve operational efficiency, increase situational awareness and better serve citizens.

Attend this webinar to find out how FME can help you achieve missions for your state or province with connected, trusted, and valuable data. We will walk through a range of business cases and use cases for enterprise data integration. Through customer stories and live demos, we will explore tips for overcoming common data challenges using FME, such as creating statewide databases, pushing data to open data portals for public access, and feeding data to dashboards for situation awareness.