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FME in Action Integrations

Application integrations offer more ways to bring life to your data.

Easily transfer and transform data from various systems to automate complex data flows and increase productivity. 

Plus, users like yourself are contributing even more integrations all the time through our community.

1000’s of systems to make
your work easier.

Explore the right integrations for you.
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Microsoft Excel

Excel is a widely used application for both analysis and reporting. FME enables you to convert data from any of the formats it supports into Excel spreadsheets, with tools that give you control over how data is structured, formatted and styled.

Bentley MicroStation (V8 DGN)

Use FME in conjunction with MicroStation to share designs for use in external applications, and also to import non-native data.


Ease the implementation of PostGIS with other systems using FME’s read and write support for it and 400+ vendor and non-proprietary formats.


Get more out of your customer insights by using FME to migrate, integrate, and synchronize data between Salesforce and other cloud-based and on-premises applications without writing any code.


Use FME to overcome the challenges associated with integrating Elasticsearch with other on-premises and cloud-based applications. With its native support for JSON and hundreds of other formats FME lets you move data from practically any source into Elasticsearch so it is searchable for your entire organization.


Use FME to overcome the challenges associated with integrating SAP HANA with other on-premises and cloud-based applications and their data. Whether you need to move data from disparate sources into SAP HANA or want to consume the data it stores elsewhere, FME’s data conversion and integration technology and automation helps you accomplish these tasks efficiently and without writing any code.

Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Keep data up-to-date and organized in a fully managed, cloud SQL database with Azure SQL Database and FME.

Amazon Athena

Connect to and query your data directly in Amazon Athena from your FME data integration workflows.

Trimble SketchUp

Use Trimble SketchUp data in more places and in more ways through data conversion and transformation with FME.

Trimble JobXML

Use FME to read and transform data from the Trimble JobXML format for use exactly how and where you need.

Autodesk Tandem

Enrich your digital twins with FME. Connect Tandem to hundreds of data sources, such as Excel and IoT, and drive real-time operational insights with automated data flows.


Read and write data from / to ND JSON.
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