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Norkart AS

Norkart has created GIS and other software for expert systems in Norway since 1961. Norkart is proud to be a VAR since 2008. Our plugin has changed it’s name from GDMMapper to Norkart FME Mapper, and now also supports Quadri, QMS and KOF in addition to the most common format in Norway, SOSI. FME is critical in many processes internally at Norkart, and is also one of the most important software for many clients.
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  • Oslo, Norway
  • Trondheim, Norway

Partner success stories

Norwegian Agency and the UN developed an Environmental Sensitivity Atlas tool

Energy Government: Federal
“Partnering and working with Safe Software has truly been transformative for our operations. FME's remarkable capabilities have streamlined our processes and unlocked new possibilities, both internally and externally, making it an invaluable partnership.”
Kenneth Øyen-Eriksen
Product Manager FME | Norkart
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