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Globema Sp. z o.o.

Globema provides specialized geospatial solutions and IT products and services, for telecoms, energy, and various other sectors. Our offerings include: Network Asset & Field Service Management, Mapping applications, Data and System integration, AI analytics, Data digitalization. We are a GE Digital partner, a Partner of Safe Software, and a Google Cloud Premier Partner. With 25 years of experience, we've served 800+ global companies and institutions.
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  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Warszawa, Poland

Explore our range of FME training programs designed to elevate your data integration skills. Led by certified FME experts and trainers, our workshops are available both in-person and online. We also offer tailored workshops to meet your specific needs. All of our trainings are conducted in Polish or English, and some of them are also in Romanian.

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We believe webinars are an excellent way to share knowledge, and experience and also to promote all possibilities of the FME Platform as a great tool to integrate data and systems, automate processes, and improve business. Since 2020 we have conducted FME webinars, both business and more technical.

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Explore Globema as a leader in geospatial solutions and IT products and services.

Discover how Globema empowers its clients through cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled support. Watch our promotional video to uncover the breadth of our services and find out how we can collaborate to meet your business needs. Explore Globema today and unlock endless possibilities.

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Visimind is saving PSE hundreds of hours of processing time

Energy EMEA
“Over the past decade, our partnership with Safe Software has evolved into Gold Partner status, recognizing our commitment to excellence in data integration. Since 2010, FME has played a crucial role in helping us drive success across a range of industries in Poland and Romania. Safe Software's commitment to maintaining the level of quality in FME has consistently exceeded our expectations”
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