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FME in Action Industries Healthcare & Health Technology

Healthcare & Health Technology

There’s no data more important than our health and medical data. Get the most out of it, and do it securely.

Make your data silos a thing of the past.

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Indoor Mapping

Create up-to-date indoor maps to help users navigate your spaces while identifying areas of inefficiency at the same time.

Disease Surveillance

Integrate data from disparate sources and process large volumes of data in real-time to track and detect the spread of infectious diseases.

Wearable Technology

Easily integrate data from activity and health trackers to improve research sources and better understand health patterns.

New Innovations

With spatial, three-dimensional and DICOM support available, your health care data can be transformed to be shared in multiple formats.

Pricing that makes sense. Because why would it be any other way?

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Our Approach

Simplify your licensing with a subscription that covers all of your FME Desktop and FME Server licenses.

Simple Pricing

Invest in your success, simply.

Tailored Industry Options

When it comes to data, one size never fits all.

Unrestricted FME Access

Unlimited access to the FME Platform means you can get up and running without delay.

See where FME is already bringing life to data.

Wearing masks in the office

BlueDot leverages data integration to predict COVID-19 spread

diseases monitored daily

Seven days before the World Health Organization announced the emergence of a novel coronavirus, BlueDot had already sent out the first warning of COVID-19. How did they do it?

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Health data

Automating 100+ hours of healthcare data retrieval

hours of manual effort automated

Warwickshire County Council gained a better understanding of its health and social care services by automating the retrieval of public health data.

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A few common questions about how this works.

Speed up your projects by subscribing your organization to an Enterprise Subscription instead of managing numerous one-off licenses. For a lower up-front cost your team can deploy any combination of FME Form and FME Flow within your chosen price.

You have two choices for existing FME licenses:

  1. You continue paying maintenance on your licenses separately. Choosing this option will not count towards your threshold asset value.
  2. Or, you can roll your licenses into the Enterprise Subscription and pay the annual flat fee. This will ensure that maintenance for all your licenses are included in your new cost.

Yes. We provide a prorated credit for the number of months remaining in your AMC total. This will go towards your Enterprise Subscription for the first year.

The pricing displayed in the tiers are based on our list prices. Please refer to your regional price list for accurate pricing.

Yes. The Enterprise Subscription gives you the option for two additional one-year renewals using the same Tier Level pricing grid.

Yes. When you cross the tier threshold you will pay the new tier rate at your renewal date.

Contact the Safe Software sales team or your existing partner and we would be happy to discuss your Enterprise Subscription needs.

Yes. You can subscribe to an Enterprise Subscription subscription for one year and use it for your project.

We recognize the importance of providing useful and timely support to our users and believe it’s part of what sets Safe apart. Learn more about our support policy.

FME licenses that are purchased individually have a perpetual term. This grants continuous use of your FME licenses, but in order to receive upgrades and support, you will have to purchase annual maintenance.

FME licenses used under the Enterprise Subscription will timeout at the end of the subscription period unless you renew. You will have full access to support and upgrades at no additional cost during the subscription period.

“FME is so versatile that we found it was not just useful in one project but rather many projects. Our workflows for data integration are complex and FME workspaces are visual which makes it easier for other teammates to quickly understand the data journey.”
Adriano Nicolucci
Senior Manager, Data Engineering, BlueDot