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FME’s no-code integration is powering remarkable processes, technologies and experiences in organizations worldwide.

Empower Your organization with an FME Enterprise subscription

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Lower Acquisition Cost

Add new FME licenses for a lower up-front cost as compared to our traditional licensing model.

Reduced Procurement Costs

Save your finance team time by opting for a single subscription instead of having to process multiple one-off requests.

Eliminate Time Lag on Projects

Easily add new licenses as needed, never again letting your projects get delayed waiting on necessary licenses.

Predictable Budgeting

Pay once and you’re covered for 12 months. Renewal only occurs once per year, regardless of growth.

Support and Software Updates

Get access to the latest features and software updates to FME as they become available.

Flexibility to Scale

As your use of FME evolves and needs change, simply adjust your deployment of FME products, making growth easy.

Pricing that makes sense. Because why would it be any other way?

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Our Approach

Simplify your licensing with a subscription that covers all of your FME Desktop and FME Server licenses.

Simple Pricing

Invest in your success, simply.

Tailored Industry Options

When it comes to data, one size never fits all.

Unrestricted FME Access

Unlimited access to the FME Platform means you can get up and running without delay.

See where FME is already bringing life to data.

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North Ayrshire Council and 1Spatial streamline HR business systems with enterprise integration

With a workforce of 8000, North Ayrshire Council wanted a better way to support the employee journey and streamline HR operations.

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Surrey Heath Borough Council streamlines data integration across the enterprise

Surrey Heath needed a solution built for data variety, enterprise integration, scalable automation, and flexible deployment options.

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A few common questions about how this works.

Integrate existing FME licenses into the Enterprise Subscription for streamlined management or continue separate maintenance.

Yes. We provide a prorated credit for the number of months remaining in your AMC total. This will go towards your Enterprise Subscription for the first year.

Yes. You can subscribe to an Enterprise Subscription subscription for one year and use it for your project.

We recognize the importance of providing useful and timely support to our users and believe it’s part of what sets Safe apart. Learn more about our support policy.

FME licenses that are purchased individually have a perpetual term. This grants continuous use of your FME licenses, but in order to receive upgrades and support, you will have to purchase annual maintenance.

FME licenses used under the Enterprise Subscription will timeout at the end of the subscription period unless you renew. You will have full access to support and upgrades at no additional cost during the subscription period.

“FME is one of the best-priced software for what it can do. If you don’t have FME in your shop, you’re missing out on opportunities to save time and expand efficiency and producitivity.”
John Leon
City of Fremont