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FME in Action Customer Stories Informatica Alto Adige SpA unites decades of siloed data while saving €60k yearly

Informatica Alto Adige SpA unites decades of siloed data while saving €60k yearly

Informatica Alto Adige SpA and GeneGIS used FME to create an efficient solution to manage thousands of daily processes.
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This work was done in collaboration with Safe Software partner GeneGIS GI Srl.

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or one full-time employee’s work saved yearly

Harmonizing decades of incompatible data

Informatica Alto Adige SpA, a leading provider of IT services to regions, municipalities, and other local authorities in the region of Südtirol, Italy, faced a significant challenge. Their application infrastructure, built on a diverse array of software and systems implemented across decades, was becoming outdated. These systems, often based on incompatible database types, were not designed to communicate with each other, complicating the task of managing data and rendering it unsuitable for exposure to users via Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) protocols.

With the support of Safe Software partner GeneGIS GI, the GIS competence centre at Informatica Alto Adige SpA chose FME to develop hundreds of harmonization workflows over the years, channel them into a single GIS architecture, and optimize them for the publication of spatial data services online to be shared with urban planners, architects, surveyors, and engineers.

Using FME to foster trust internally and with customers

The adoption of FME has been a cornerstone in fostering trust and reliability among Informatica Alto Adige SpA’s clientele and within its internal departments. The efficiency of FME Flow, coupled with the flexibility of FME Form, has played a pivotal role in ensuring the provision of land ownership data across the entire region. This achievement has significantly minimized the need for professionals to physically access public offices, as they can download relevant data online, saving both them and administration staff travel and data accessing time.

The integration of FME has transcended its initial role as an integration layer between disparate systems. FME has become a foundational pillar in the development of new applications as the backend base, with workspaces integrating, harmonizing, and preparing constantly updated data, directly supporting applications front-ends for professionals to access. Other non-GIS departments at Informatica Alto Adige are now embracing FME, leveraging its capabilities to innovate and expand their service offerings.

This partnership exemplifies how strategic collaboration and innovative technology can revolutionize data management and service delivery, setting a new standard for IT excellence.

“FME is a fundamental tool in our technology stack because it allows us to solve interoperability issues by bringing enterprise systems together through a centralized, integrated platform.”
Stefan Putzer
GIS Competence Center Manager, Südtiroler Informatik AG – Informatica Alto Adige Spa
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