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Interactive FME Demos Real-Time Situational Awareness (Flood Monitoring)

Real-Time Situational Awareness (Flood Monitoring)

How it works

  1. FME Server connects to the data source using a REST API call, querying for the current water level at a list of stations.
  2. Every time new data is received, an ArcGIS Online feature layer is updated with the new data.
  3. An ArcGIS Online Dashboard is created with the continuously updated feature layer. View the dashboard below!


This ArcGIS Online Dashboard provides a real-time view of river water levels in Nashville, TN. With this web application you can see what the current levels are and their current flood status. All of this was made possible with FME, which connects the real-time data to the ArcGIS Online Dashboard.

Original Data provided by: U.S. Geological Survey. Data has been modified for this example.

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