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Interactive FME Demos Integrate Reports & Share With Ease

Integrate Reports & Share With Ease

How it works

  1. Check out the Customer Gallery and see what catches your eye.
  2. Choose the story you'd like to include using the dropdown menu.
  3. If you'd like, add the name of the recipient of your story set to make it a bit more personalized.
  4. You're done! You can now download your PDF and send it to whomever, wherever.


With the DIY Story Set, you can create your own set of customer stories using those provided in the Customer Gallery. This makes it easy for you to share stories that are related to your specific needs in an organized, concise way.

The DIY Story Set is great for:

  • Customers who want to show colleagues what FME is all about
  • Eager data enthusiasts who want to convince a supervisor to purchase FME
  • Partners with clients that want to learn more about what others like them have done

Cater your custom set of stories to reflect a particular industry, to highlight stories from a particular region, or to showcase how FME has been able to solve a particular data challenge. It’s up to you! Make our stories your story.

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