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A Hyperspace Jump Forward for Labelling

Kris Majury
January 15, 20132 min
The MapTextLabeller transformer takes cartographic annotation to a whole new level.

Labels. Perhaps one of the simplest ways to communicate information – be it a sticker on a box of files or a “Don’t Panic” on the cover of your copy of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – these snippets of text convey just the right amount of information to tell you what you need to know. Cartographic labels, on the other hand, are tricky. Placement, collision avoidance, orientation, and text styling all contribute to the usability of your map, enhancing and not interfering with the spatial information.

MapText, Inc., experts in map labelling, is behind the new MapTextLabeller transformer, an optional add-on available in FME 2013. If your annotation requirements go beyond the basics, check it out – this rule-based transformer works some label magic, with features like a variety of placement options, word spreading, curved labels, route shields and automatic leadering when there just isn’t enough space. Conflict resolution is also rule-based, with position hierarchies, gradual font reduction, and obstacle handling.

Dmitri Bagh, Safe’s Scenario Creation and Testing Analyst, has been putting the MapTextLabeller through its paces, and created this example for us, showing just a few of the placement options available. He’s also working on some complex examples that you can check out in our upcoming 2013 webinar series. So, whether you’re producing cartographic output or CAD files with complex annotation, join us in early 2013 to see how the MapTextLabeller can help automate your cartographic labelling requirements!

Register for the MapTextLabeller webinar at safe.local/LabelWebinar

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