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Employee Spotlight: Stewart Harper

Kris Majury
October 30, 20122 min
FME Server Support Manager - Joined Safe Software in October 2008
Stewart Harper
Stewart Harper

FME Server Support Manager – Joined Safe Software in October 2008

What is your role at Safe?
My top priority is ensuring that FME Server customers receive the highest quality support we can give them. I also work closely with the FME Server development team to help drive the product direction, and I look after the infrastructure side of support – overseeing FMEpedia and the new FME Community Answers site. And my latest role is managing the development of the FME Cloud service – so watch this space!

You’ve traveled some distance to join the team here in Canada.
Yes – I moved to Vancouver from England after a chance meeting with Don at a conference. It makes me the first person in my extended family to live outside the UK.

When you’re not in the office, where would we find you?
In the mountains! Backcountry skiing, mountain biking… doing just about anything that gets me out there with friends and provides a suitable level of adrenalin.

What was your most memorable road trip?
Definitely the Powder Highway in British Columbia. Five friends in a big MPV – in true road trip style – we drove 2,000 km in nine days and skied Revelstoke, Kicking Horse, Fernie, Whitewater, and Red Mountain. One night it snowed over 50 cm, and we had to dig into our car in the morning!

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