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Creative Coding

Kris Majury
August 3, 20121 min
FME Server

FME Server’s REST API is a little bit like brushes and paint – raw tools you can use to create your masterpiece. And like any creative endeavor, there’s likely to be some experimentation going on enroute to your pièce de résistance.

The FME Server Playground is your practice canvas. With sample code for common data download, upload, streaming, notifications, and utilitarian tasks, the Playground lets you modify code to your heart’s content while previewing the results of your changes – and then copy the code into your own project.

Play around – integrate the power of FME Server with ArcGIS® Server, Google MapsTM, Bing® Maps, OpenLayers, and other web APIs. Hone your technique and create elegant user interfaces that show off your talents.

And the FME Server Playground is a great place to learn – with an extensive library of examples, and more being added constantly, taking your skills to the next level is easier than ever.

Visit the FME Server Playground at safe.local/playground to start experimenting!

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